If you are looking for a sign, this is it.

A month back, I organized an anti-suicide contest and here are few of the jewels I got.

If you are feeling low or suicidal, please take time to read these pieces, else, please share them. You might be unknowingly, saving many lives.

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When you feel like that

What brought you here?
Trapped by troubles, trapped by fears
And no clear way ahead
Today, just for today, the answer doesn’t matter
You don’t have to have any answers
Take out your medicine blanket
and wrap yourself in it
Remember how you made it with love
Because you knew hard times were coming
If you want to talk, then talk
If you want to cry, then cry
If you want neither then just let yourself lie
Imagine that you are flotsam left by the tide
And just breathe… flow in and out like the sea
Today, just for today, all you have to do is be
I’m not promising it will be easy
But that you can make a little space with your hands
You can dig down into the sand
You can look up at the sky
And let those thoughts drift by
Even the terrible ones
I’m not asking you to be strong
In fact the opposite
Just relax and breathe

Author notes

And if you do feel that way please find the number of your local crisis line and give them a call.

© Laura, All rights reserved.

Psalm of Solitude

10 Most Most Inspirational Groups on Deviantart

Talking is one
of the hardest
things to do.

So is listening.

Have you ever
felt like it’s stacked
against you?

Like it doesn’t matter?

Like no one cares?

I know I have.

Nothing worse
than someone
telling you
they have all the

That isn’t true.

Bottling things up
may work for a
but we all  get tired.

Eventually it has to
come out.


It will.

Some way.
Some how.

No one is
going to like it.


When it does
come out
it might not be
what anyone

Least of all yourself.

It takes a lot of
to hold it all in
and for so long.

Who has that kind of strength?
Looks like you do.

I find it hard to release.
I find it hard to trust.

Personally,  I like a
little solitude
every once in a while.

I think it’s therapeutic.
Almost refreshing.
It is certainly the most
honest part of life.

I don’t know you
well enough
to be persistent
that persisting
always welcomed


I do know
that something
is just not

I do know
it isn’t right for
someone else
to know
that something
is bothering
someone else


when they have
been in similar




It’s worse
to do nothing.

To feel like
you have been

To know
that someone
else is in pain.

To allow it.

To act as if that
is normal.

I know it isn’t.

I can’t do that.

It’s not right.

I respect your decision.

Whatever that may be.

Things like these take time.
They are overwhelming.


you are not alone.

I’m right here.


Author notes

No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.

© Jose J Hernandez


Saving a life in lowercase

that is all it is

what words can accomplish
what no words can?

so I ask you
before you do what many have
for all the wrong reasons
to look up –
what is above you?

maybe it is sun
maybe you feel the sunlight
soft and warm
lighting your skin
invisible but
oh so tangible

maybe it is rain
wet cold drops
that spin the world
those sky-tears
came all the way
from the ocean
just to fall on you
cool you off
drink you in

maybe it is snow
maybe a white storm
hovers above you
each snowflake
unique as you and me
pretty and delicate
but tough enough
and brave enough
to let itself fall
to be part of something
bigger and better

maybe it is stars
maybe your eyes
catch the light
of a thousand
twinkling galaxies
shooting across the sky
or watching silently
observing rooting
wishing hoping

whatever you see
ask yourself the smallest question:
would you miss it if you were gone?
the answer is not important
it is the fact that it exists
and so do you

Author notes

Written for the contest “Save A Life As You Write”.

© Abigail Roade, All rights reserved.




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