Helm of Cards

Also, written by me. 🙂

WordCraft - The Ramjas Literary Society

bigpreview_Cards, White Background

We keep on shuffling the cards.

And reassurance becomes the only form of truth.

Do we need to go?

Do we need to find it?

That one lagoon for salty minds.

Is it a seizure taking my heart now?

No, wait, it feels like rain.

I am crying, I am wailing.

Oh they said it is such a clichéd game

And yet I know in my bleak heart

if something resurfaces, it must be reassurance

based on unreal things,

unreal things.

Native tunes of a bastard heart

Cribbing about last Saturday,

Of the chances left unrequited

and tons of ‘what ifs?’-

“what if?”

And I keep on repeating the same names

calculating some blemished yesterdays

The corruptness of some magnificent memories

And a song sung down the road:

Down the ringing roads.


© Priyanka Kapoor

(Eng Hons, 2nd Year)

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