The idea is One.
Two, Three, Four and so on are created by the illusion of the language. The language of communication produces things and object for the ease of the flow of information in our dimension. And while they are important for tasks that do not involve a very higher perspective, they do tend to complicate thing because of its function of constant multiplication of things it comes by. For example 2 cannot exist alone. An intersection can be observed here. And thus a net like formation can be observed.
Therefore we can say the language and the contigents it contains has a tendency to knit, which precisely brings forth a picture of a net that overlaps the existing dimension which we call reality. This image is stupendously similar to the Hindu term ‘Maya Jaal : The net of illusion’. Incidentally Maya was also the most beautiful nymph of the heaven. Coincidence…I think not.
I remember this term used by the Indian diety Dwarkanath Krishna of the old Ramanand sagar show ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ that presented Lord Vishnu as a commentator of his own life as an avatar of Krishna. I remember while cheating Kansa with a deliverance of a baby girl instead of the boy who was supposed to be his Kaal/end (born off his sister Devki), Dwarkanath as I like to call him, brings upon a light on this whole incidence tells us about the girl who is the goddess called Maya. She is a personified form of Maya that I mentioned earlier and then he goes on to tell her reach. Somehow, that got imprinted on my mind and as you see I am putting it out now after a gap of around 8 years.
This ‘reality’ then will have the same blueprint for every existing ‘I’ in our dimension. The perspectives though could be a hoola of lines intersecting each other will manage a net like formation either way making the idea of anarchy or perhaps an existence without intersaction pointless for communication is required nonetheless.
Now imagine a dimension where communication is not a requirement and everyone knows everything. This is brought forth by the elimination of time. Time if you spread into a definition is basically positions where you receive or is deceived by information. When you know everything, you no longer require a position of give and take of information.This cancels out the idea of intersection. Then there would be no need of two, three, four and so on. This brings us towards the idea of




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