Universally Speechless by msdawe

Image credit: msdawe


My words dry up

To speak becomes a Lochness monster

And the horizon closes its throat,

I feel I’ve grown old since the day I first parted

From the many of you,

Under your many heads, one face piqued.

I eat.

The sorrow that comes my way

And I think about a man left alone in a cave for 55 years

Till his tongue tired without practice,

He forgot language.


How easy it is to belong to one flesh

Only to be shorn off with a simple letter-knife.


A mad bird sits upon my lips,

Carving in my gums,

The troops of words that march past me

Whenever I see your face;

In my head, an avalanche.


Image source: http://msdawe.deviantart.com/art/Universally-Speechless-134724177



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