The Indian Railway Station

100 poems/52 weeks challenge’ 2018

Image result for indian railway station photography
Steve McCurry’s 
Train Station Platform, Old Delhi, India 1983

The blue collared trolley car stands
in a premonition
of people leaving their villages
with brightly colored pink-capped babies
marked with the kohl in the eyes–
premonition of the old mining cities
and now the Delhi soot.

Have you ever noticed how the
mustard sky
stands with a finality
above the faces peering from the window
at the leaving.

The inside corridor
lolls out from a newspaper tongue,
caught in an anxiety
as if the sleeping coach,
an irony,
had people sleeping like hostel students
before an exam
and then the warden prolapses the morning
comes with a cutting tea
for travelers nestled in their own paper cups.

And they rise like some early hatch-lings
in the creaking hour
when there is neither happiness nor sadness,
And you see the repressed terror/thrill inside the men,
as they leave behind the old world and enter the new.

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