I’m not a man,

I’m an ecological culture

And ecological cultures do not have white beards,

Bookish-norms, ecstatic candies

Or gypsy charms.

I read you, I spill you out.

And for those of whom I cannot read

For the book decrees you to read me,

I am a museum.

And I am the ticket-man at the box-office

Of the famous Scottish aquarium show

With a custom choice that lets you

Pet your own Loch-ness monster

With varying sizes of flippers and teeth.



Muse Ministry believes in flexibility. It ranges from ridiculous to academical. It ponders upon how life works and is especially committed to understanding human attraction with fear and amnesia. It is also a piece of poet and aims to offer a substantial amount of wonders, to think about everyday. We are also committed to reading and are always up for book challenges.

We condemn the argument that logic is superior than emotion or society than individual. Rather an equilibrium is pursued as ideal.

Our ideology does not have any specific source but we are inspired by surrealism, Chakra spirituality, Demigod female sexuality, Dream psychology, Gender fluid arts, Slang humor, Freud and Lacan, Luce Irigaray, Brontë romances, Gothic, Internet Gifs, Abstraction, Hidden literary symbolisms, Lewis Carroll, Japanese youkai culture and a simple thought of existing without a necessity of restrictive and formal language.

We offer serendipity.




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