Desert snakes


Let it not rattle like a cup
Slipping out on your
Tabby cat
No longer smiling;
Such is the crowd of madness

I sit in a room full of porcelain,
A spider whiffs
And the whole room is awake
With people who speed past you
Like horrid torrents
Up for gold in athletics.

Say what is your worth?
I am sold solid in the squalid markets,
I reek of myself
And earthen dust
Out of which I now
unmake myself
And so, sandcastles do not rust.

Children of the mind


Come close
Come closer,
No more.

Do you know when they opened up the children’s park,
they had a war
with little children running in circles–
trick’o treat!
Do you know,
I have those little children
Running over my forehead
bleeding away

What a Syrian war–
trick’o treat!

I usually write slow songs
Otherwise my fingers pluck themselves away
And I’ve to look for them over the ceilings

‘Ugh you are so dramatic!’

Bang Bang I go
into the moon
my hands fly, so does my words
Vis-a-vis my temple,
where little–
monstrous children play,
the writer and his muse.