The After-Midnight Conflicts.

Can you imagine being terrorized by the idea of being productive and profitable for the human race under the bower of dead silence, which is usually felt around 2 a.m.(s).

Well, welcome to my life.

Fact: Humans are more productive at night.


Not reproductive. Jeez. Calm yourself.

Now basically, you’ll be reading these excellent poetic essays and maybe political debates. But I am here to offer you none (in this post). And I will only talk about some random shit that people think around 2 a.m. (It is 2 a.m. in here)

So here is my crazy to do list which I suffer every night and which I forget to do the very next day. Plus some Random thought sessions that I undergo.

1. Karaoke

2. Attending an inactive twitter account in order to  reply-stalk  a favorite celebrity.

3. Going over the most embarrassing stuff , I’ve ever done in my life


4. Thinking about my next blog post.

5. How did dinosaurs go extinct? 

6. Philosophically going through my own redundancy and vain-ness.

7. Practicing British accent.

8. Musing about the bland social life.


10. Wishing that my favorite celebrity would marry the other favorite celebrity.


12. Sudden wave of all the horror movies that I have made fun off, all my life.

13. Trying Lucid Dreaming

14. Trying to predict the plot for the next episode in my favorite series.

15. Wondering if , Osama bin Laden is still alive.

16. And lastly, coming towards the art of arguing with one’s own self. ( I think I need a cat.)

GREAT! Now I’ll think about this post while I’ll try to sleep.



Its a loop…

I’ll think about thinking about this post…

And then I’ll think about thinking about this post while I think about this post and then I’ll…