Do you feel like punching people sometimes?

I have come across all sorts of punch-me-in-the-face subtexts.

And I believe you must have too. For it is hardly very unlikely to come across all very sane people all the time.

But you know what? I am not here to rant about them on how evil they can be with their assumptions and stupidity.

Okay, I am ranting.

Anyhow, I am reasoning or well, I am at least trying to reason out why it is not probably a good idea to argue with someone who is already in the  punch-me-now zone.

But we all know, their is this universal sinking feeling inside everyone where we somehow want to prove ourselves over the logic of the bullying-stupidity. Why?

Because we don’t believe in ourselves.

“This planet is in ruins because stupidity is way too confident while the intelligence rests with doubts.”/

Number 1. I am not saying I am intelligent but the people I am talking about are definitely not one of them.

Number 2. Oh hell you do really want to punch them.

Number 3. Anger is a temporary state.

Number 4. When you would be trying to sleep, your brain would show you how you could have dodged them. But well.

Number 5. The anger is now thumping with some sort of an emotional-adrenaline.

Number 6. You don’t even care if you would get arrested for busting their assess.

Number 7. You think you need justice.

Number 8. You punched them.

Number 9. You feel guilt. And anger still wages a war inside you.

Number 10. Your motto of treating the whole mankind with love lay in ruins right on their face.

Number 11. You feel worthless and vain.

Number 12. They still haven’t stopped ranting. They think you are weak because you could only punch them. (Or if you didn’t, they are still mocking you while you are visibly pumping with rage.)

Number 13. But they would never stop you know. They would keep on arguing.

Number 14.On how they are right and you are wrong.

Number 15. Therefore, is it even worth arguing? I think you are smart enough to understand that their is no end to this.

So next time, you see someone like that. Do state your case. But never stretch it.

Say okay. Smile. And walk away.

Nobody like that deserves attention.

Forget and let go.



The After-Midnight Conflicts.

Can you imagine being terrorized by the idea of being productive and profitable for the human race under the bower of dead silence, which is usually felt around 2 a.m.(s).

Well, welcome to my life.

Fact: Humans are more productive at night.


Not reproductive. Jeez. Calm yourself.

Now basically, you’ll be reading these excellent poetic essays and maybe political debates. But I am here to offer you none (in this post). And I will only talk about some random shit that people think around 2 a.m. (It is 2 a.m. in here)

So here is my crazy to do list which I suffer every night and which I forget to do the very next day. Plus some Random thought sessions that I undergo.

1. Karaoke

2. Attending an inactive twitter account in order to  reply-stalk  a favorite celebrity.

3. Going over the most embarrassing stuff , I’ve ever done in my life


4. Thinking about my next blog post.

5. How did dinosaurs got extinct? 

6. Philosophically going through my own redundancy and vain-ness.

7. Practicing British accent.

8. Musing about the bland social life.


10. Wishing that my favorite celebrity would marry the other favorite celebrity.


12. Sudden wave of all the horror movies that I have made fun off, all my life.

13. Trying Lucid Dreaming

14. Trying to predict the plot for the next episode in my favorite series.

15. Wondering if , Osama bin Laden is still alive.

16. And lastly, coming towards the eventually art of arguing with one’s own self. ( I think I need a cat.)

GREAT! Now I’ll think about this post while I’ll try to sleep.



Its a loop…

I’ll think about thinking about this post…

And then I’ll think about thinking about this post while I think about this post and then I’ll…