3 steps to cheer yourself up./ Understanding Cheering yourself up./ Not as serious as it sounds.

“Eh? You think your three points can cheer me up from a hell of a day?”

Well, I was going to write something more like Aye captain, thou art enlighten me or maybe something more poetic like that but then my last post (which is purely, sheerly and utterly awesome; somebody has to promote the blog after-all) got some good response.

I hope you didn’t Google-ed this post. Did you? Well even if you did, either way you are an awesome person since this shows, you do have an interest in cheering yourself up. And for the rest, I would say, you guys are not the ‘rest’, like the people who are paid in pennies to act as crowd, specifically in cheap soap dramas. I have seen people relating themselves to background-filler crowds. But you, dear reader, You are an important being because you have a perception, you have depth to understand that- Yes life is difficult but I have to find a way move on from that. See I am not doing any sort of consoling. I am just being your logical mirror. I am reflecting that you want to see yourself happy.

How to Be Happy?

For starters,

There is HUGE stock for definitions on happiness and on its theories.

Wiki says happiness is a fuzzy concept. (Ha! did not expected that.) If I ll tell you, you must not think about what others believe–You’ll say I don’t want to be self centered and if I say, You must feel happy in other people’s happiness–You’ll say, what am I, a blood bank? (I completely support blood donation, unless you just got tattooed.)

1. See, all you need is


You must not be like- “She is giggling at me, she must be making fun of me”

Look what I believe (I am not perfect, but I try) is that these important people whom you think are making fun of you are important because you think a lot about them. (What will she think? what will he feel?–To hell with them) Trust me they don’t feel or think SO MUCH and even if they do, they forget and SO SHOULD YOU.

I hope you are not nodding your head too. Because I am. OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO CONTAGIOUS. (I don’t speak like this usually…but yeah.)

Secondly, I know, “I don’t give a damn” attitude is pretty awesome in feels, too good at some point but you realize or not, you do get pinched by your moral schema. Let me give you my example. (I request you not to judge, its a bloody example.)

So I was in bus lurking around a seat where a lady mentioned that she is going to get off at the next stop. And I am happy, finally I’ll get to sit when all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, a girl almost jump against me in front of the seat and start conversing with the lady to let her have the seat and you are standing their like what the–

These little things spoil your day right? And you judge people then and their “Die bitch”. But what I saw next diverted this anger on her to myself. As I finally managed to get a seat (though right next to her), I saw old ladies standing around and  then I said to myself, I must offer seats to old people one day but I can’t–today. And next I see, she is getting up to offer her seat to them.

A part of me wished, she was getting off. But she wasn’t. She stood right their.

Please don’t think, I told you to become like her. Because I definitely like the way you are. Just remember, at some point of time who knows, she would have been at my place too. Nobody was born kind. (Don’t say they are because I have studied psychology of upbringing.)

Be yourself, Accept and let it go, learn. (I-don’t-care-attitude is fine only until you are not hurting someone, because that would cause you guilt and if guilt doesn’t effect you, Congratulations, you are on your way to hell. Seriously. Because psychologists researched, all criminals and psychopaths have one thing in common. And that is–Absence of guilt.)


Avoid Perfectionism

Its not about planning parties. Please.

What if you did a mistake, let’s say, misplacing something of worth. And then, you decide to be extremely careful, you suddenly become organized, vigilant and satisfied, believing that the mistake taught you something at least. But THEN you commit the same mistake AGAIN. And you feel like-

And then you blame it on the fate. Pretty much the same game for everyone. (I think you’ll feel better now; defense mechanism; knowing that the bad luck is not targeting you.)

Now whatever happened, digest it with a broad perspective.


Oh my I have just one regret, why I ironed my yellow dress wrong because I am taking it down to my bloody grave? Nope. Even Alexander the great couldn’t. (You gotta say, I write good blogs.)

According to psychology, we plan in order to feel safe. And when the plan goes down, we start to feel that we are losing control and that gives you anxiety attack, makes you feel you can’t breathe and then–You can’t tackle it since you are busy catching your breathe.

So we do one thing. We cancel the losing control thing. I mean when you disapprove of a plan, don’t you make a fresh one? Why can’t you do it right then?

You control the plans, they don’t control you.

Now when you spoiled your yellow dress and let’s say even your Plan B trousers, You can re-enhance casual-dresses. You can be more creative. You can act more CONTROL.

And when you lose a thing twice, you’ll realize something else is wrong with me. It is not organization, or carefulness in case we are referring to people. Its about process. To understand when you are more careful and when you are at the least.


Its just some

Funny Pictures.

And even if they do not load, remember it is your good day-Refresh. And even if it doesn’t work after that. I’ll say. Huh you can find better bro. Don’t look up on Facebook though. That thing is becoming depressing.


Well. I did put the PICTURE on the blog.

images (1)

I suck at Marathons. Yeah.

I was actually feeling low. Decided to cheer myself up. And I also google stuff like that—You know-“steps to cheer yourself up”.


5 things you must have mused about regarding your VISION.


Tired of bumping your head into the search engines?

Yes, today is your good day. I am answering all the fuzzy weird things.

  1. Floater

The popular term for floaters on Internet is ‘bacterial thingy’. The random floating objects that you almost assumed as imaginary friends but never really questioned their existence and even if you did, you were disappointed.

Hallelujah! here comes the Gabriel.

Doctors in revolutionary research of 1956, ( 2 long years and 3 and a half months) found out that these very mystical creatures that lived inside human eye, somehow, control the visions of dimension-limit of human kind.

Kidding. Sorry. Gabriel just got into me. Get away.

In other words, (Well seriously) the floater are the depositions inside your eyes that can be more or less, compared to the dust particles that get struck upon your camera’s lens. These are inside these fluid membrane of your eye, supposedly called vitreous humor , no wonder I am making jokes out of it.

And hey! On a second thought, it is giving me a helpless impression that this membrane would have been named after all this affair. What do you think?

P.S. If these things are getting darker and more bizarre in your vision, do consult a an optician! Although the researches say it happens due to old age BUT Their are actually cures for such things. Poor Floater. I hope they won’t get extinct.


Prisoner’s cinema

These are the closed-eye visions of various colors which keep on taking shapes and forms inside your head.

I know. I know what you mean. But let’s say sub-categories does not always reciprocate the titles. So what?

Disclaimer: This is not the exact picture for the phenomenon. It varies. It varies A LOT.

And no, it is not about drugs.

I don’t know what Wikipedia says or believe, I’ve experienced it and I have never been to space. For Wiki says it is for the astronauts or people who usually remain confined to dark (like prisoners, hence the name). Well Wikipedia, FYI, is not very trust-able source (Neither am I) but yes I can swear upon the whole internet that it is, but a very common phenomena.


Have you been bored lately and decided to organize a cinematic screening inside your mind palace and then, have realized that it is completely, sheerly, utterly awesome. But as you are curious about this thing, you fall asleep and forget it and carry on your general routine the other day like whatever or may be… start writing poetry about it? (No? Is it just me?)

Coming back, this ‘screening’ is in the other words, sets of various vibrant colors which we are somehow able to see, without any contact with direct source of light and favorably, in the darkness. (Wiki says Yeah!) And as far as my own experience is concerned, I usually experience it during my Yoga classes (meditation) and my teacher (She is a history major grandma) told me that the colors are always symbolic in a way or the other.  For example if the green color is reoccurring in your head, that means, your body is not at its equilibrium and is at chance of falling ill.



You close your eyes and see these wonderful objects or geometrical images, illuminating your blacked out- close eyes and the very formation inside your head began to appear so crisp that you wondered and more appropriately, muse (somebody ought to promote the blog) what is with me accessing the other dimensions?

Sorry for breaking your bubble in case you thought you were the only one. I know those ‘feels’.

But it ain’t a dimension, not even an outer source of light, just some hard-core neurons.  These master magicians, the neurons are these awesome sensory things that help your nervous system remain intact and as it turns out the creator of these pictures, stimuli-zed by movements like rubbing one’s own eyes– so hard.

I thought these were the reminders saying ‘Yes, you are the one’. Like super-power one, the favorite-child one and the grand–‘The destined one’. Well, well, well.

P.S. This also occurs when you are on psychotic drugs or in case you banged your head somewhere for e.g. let’s say a tap–B00m– and then all you see is stars.


Lucid dreaming

“Am I dreaming? Hff. Pinch me?”

I believe you might have used this more frequently in real life than your dream-life.

Lucid dreaming is an amazing (and officially my favorite out of the five) phenomenon when you can recognize that you are dreaming and somehow, are able to control them. And you are absolutely not awake.

Plus the dream scenario becomes more real, say HD, and more dazzling than it already is.  And besides that, you can even remember the lucid dreams better than your other dreams.

Why it is important?

My theory: Research says dreams reflect back your desires or fears. Seeing your desires fulfilled in your dreams, your brain actually feels that they are fulfilled. But I am not sure how much this would apply to Lucid dreaming given that we are the ones directing our brain towards fulfilling our desires in this imaginary world that you will built.

Therefore, I think this depends upon the memory-retention and varies from individual to individual. Either you can remember you caused it or you can just believe that it just happened naturally. It also depends upon your personal-level of acceptance.

I hope your brain doesn’t hurts.

Inception starrer Leonardo Dicaprio (Did you know he was named after Leonardo Da Vinci ) is also about Lucid dreaming.Well it is about a lot of other things too, like getting into someone’s dream and controlling it. I mean C’mmon man what a concept! I repeat, what a concept!

But don’t get all-good-eyes for Lucid dreaming. It comes with itchy but bearable side-effects such as headache, dizziness, some sort of reluctance for retaining memory and a lot of sleeplessness. (My own experience. I won’t certify it; maybe you should look it up.) I mean fooling your brain doesn’t come in handy. Therefore, I would advise you to try it only during the vacations. That way, you can sleep all you want.

Lucid Dreaming. sorry if repost. Lucid Dreaming STILL any marlin. Your brain ' posetion, minimum THU MUST ALLERT' . marmot' yuu. I knew that I would eventually run across another post on lucid dreaming. I am very glad I have. I am very familiar with the practice and application of lucid d

Happy dreaming. It might lead you to an inward journey. (Tip: Practice meditation for more clarity)


White light

Most closely experienced by people who had out of body or near death experiences.

People say it is the light of healing source, of elements that contains god. Not the one, prescribed in the scriptures, but the one which is sheer energy. Application of life.

However, as I would start by stating my own experience, I would say the white light is very mischievous. I remember I opened my eyes at the middle of the night because I felt I saw a bright piercing light. I thought, somebody might have switched on the light of my room but as I woke up, this was, I ASSURE YOU, not the case. Nobody was up in the room. Nobody. (Considering this to add this in supernatural section; wait for a whole new separate post on NDEs.)

The light wasn’t disturbing but it created a stir inside my being, say goosebumps, because I tried to chase it again and again up in the center of my forehead but it hardly returned back.

Now let me state the reasons. To me, it is healing source and symbol of life beyond death but in case you want to believe in the scientific explanations. (People have also claimed to see it during meditation and have termed it as the activation of a chakra; wheels of balance in our body, related to Yogic transformation and healing) The scientists believe that the white light is result of dying brain cells (preferably in NDEs) that accelerates the process of flashing of past memories and ending into a bright white light.

LIKE THE BIG BANG! (the small particles colliding and breaking into an explosion; the ordinary memories colliding to complete a being called soul, the white light) So the question remains, are we just blocks of memories or something more?

P.S. You know right? The soul is part of our being, it is proven scientifically.