Modern delights

In the long long night

The haunting keeps me awake,

The oomph of the chopping boards,

The laughter galloping down the street,

I pause

I listen

I am abysmal,

Sweeping myself  under the rugs,

A sniveling little way to sum-up

The under-laid mourning

Of the stars that are willing to drop off my head

Lest I listen

And address them as myself.


There is a hidden core that you cannot see,

doesn’t mean it won’t touch your face,

from whom

it will always withdraw.


Abandoned Planet

Pack me up in a suitcase

I can’t stand standing still


But you see, it is because we went off to this faraway place

Where these curious people plug themselves to white boards,

And are always sleeping

Into small cold suitcases.


A warm breeze flows along the twilight moon

And the streets gleam with fresh-rain floods

The crackling fires of passion is burning away the town

But people find it clumsy to wake up.


So I am a lone traveller

Wondering the tales they spin inside the boxes

Are they travelling to Jupiter,

Or perhaps a neighbouring barn?



What is it?

A river flowing above my ears

My eyes

My nose

And suppose I am too to travel by suitcases.


Pack me up in a suitcase

I can’t stand standing still.